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Most businesses are not your friend. They act like your friend, but just want to exploit
your worst tendencies for profit.

Amazon wants you to be lazy, McDonald’s wants you to be fat, and Facebook wants you to be stupid.

Not us. Brown Banana Books wants you to be healthy and think for yourself.

BOOK SWAP on the first Sunday of every month, 12-2 PM in the parking lot.
Open Mic every Tuesday at 6 PM. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER for updates (and musings).

Phone: (530) 886-9509

NOTE: We accept donations but do not typically offer money or store credit for books. If you have an
especially large collection or a very interesting book call us or visit us during business hours and
maybe we can work something out.


Book your event at Brown Banana Books!
We have a state-of-the-art PA system, a stage and over 1000 square feet of space.
Call 530-886-9509 for details. Affordable rates.
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